Tver - the administrative center of Tver Oblast and the Kalinin district, located on the banks of the Volga River near the confluence of the rivers and Tvertsa Tmaka, at 177.6 km north-west of Moscow.

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Tver is considered a green city. The total area of green spaces within the city limits - 1565.6 hectares, accounting for the total square of city 10.3%. Green zones are presented Tver parks, groves, squares, boulevards, botanical garden, green spaces along the streets and trees and shrubs in the flood plains of the Volga, Tvertsa, Tmaka, Azure and streams. The city territory includes a number of natural and semi-natural forest parks: Komsomolskaya, Bobachevskuyu, Day, Birch grove, Sakharov park (in 1982 declared as nature sanctuary)


Within Tver, as in other cities of Central Russia the main religion is Russian Orthodox Christianity. Tver is the center of Diocese of Tver and Kashin of the Russian Orthodox Church, possessing the diocesan administration and residence of the ruling bishop. Tver has four functioning Russian Orthodox cathedrals, fifteen Orthodox churches, a mormon chapel, a Catholic church, a mosque, and a synagogue

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In the city there are several memorials and obelisks, as well as numerous monuments, most of which are concentrated in the central part of the city. "City of Fountains" - that recently began to call their city the locals.

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Tver is home to Tver State University, the most highly rated university of the region. It is also home to the Tver State technical university, medical, and agricultural academies and more than twenty colleges and lyceums, branch campuses of some Moscow higher educational institutions and more than fifty high schools.

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