The City of Bryansk

Bryansk is a city in Russia, the capital of the Bryansk region, standing on the banks of the Desna River, about 380 km west of Moscow.  Bryansk was first time mentioned in 1146. That time, the settlement was called Debryansk. The origin of this name is from Slavic word “debri” meaning “dense woodland” (the territory of present Bryansk was known for its woods).

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The German army captured Bryansk in October 1941. The city was liberated in September 1943. Bryansk and surrounding lands were known for a lot of Soviet partisans (about 60,000) fighting against the German army. In 1944, the city became the administrative center of the region.

2e60d0f19eea1280bfc37bb59092e2d4_full 154239_900 It is a large industrial city too. The largest industries are machine-building and metal-working. Also, chemical, power engineering, electronic, wood-processing, textile and food industries are developed. Over 1,200 plants produce diesel locomotives, train freight cars, road equipment, agricultural equipment, construction materials and other industrial output.

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Nowadays, Bryansk is a very important industrial place. In 2012 the Russian-Orthodox Trinity Church has opened again. For the first time it has been built up during the 19th century but has been taken down in 1960. The Trinity Church has been built up again in 2010 and 2011.

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The climate of the city is temperate continental. The winter here may include both long-thaw, and fairly severe frosts. The average temperature in January and February in the city is 6,1 C° below zero. Summer in Bryansk is usually warm and humid, but the heat wave almost never happens here. The average monthly temperature in July is +19,0 C°. If we talk about the average temperature, it is +6,1 C°.

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