Entertainments in Voronezh

Petrovsky Passage

Watching the historical and cultural attractions of the city, you can go to the "Petrovsky Passage". Multifunctional Centre "Petrovsky Passage" in addition to boutiques and shops includes a hotel with 86 apartments, Thai salon spa, and comparable  with the five-star hotel of the Black Sea coast, maybe because of it most politicians coming in Voronezh on a business trip, often stop their choice on "Petrovsky Passage".

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Museum of Slavic culture "House of Svarog"

The exposition "House of Svarog" make everyday objects, demonstrating the ancient symbolism. In addition, here are the exhibition of photographs dedicated to the natural and archaeological sites of the Voronezh region, as well as a thematic exhibition of paintings by contemporary artists.

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Balagan City

“Balagan City” - gigantic and ultra-modern entertainment complex, unique little even in the capital. It includes several mini-towns with their traditions, cuisine and entertainment. One city - sends us in the Middle Ages; old houses, streets, cozy streets have various restaurants, stylized in the appropriate format: cheese restaurant, brewery - and you're in a different era. Other area called "Market Square". This is the era of democracy and free views. There is a democratic kitchen, where everyone can choose a treat. And also to take part in the process of preparing their favorite dishes.


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Park Star&Mlad attractions

Star&Mlad - the largest amusement park in Europe. Entertainment complex occupies 10.5 square kilometers, and is located on two floors of entertainment center "Grad". Rides are available at any time of year, because they are indoors.

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