Entertainments in Vladimir

Festival "Musical Expedition"

"Travel with the stars of classical music!" - This is the project invitation
"Musical Expedition" is a unique journey through the most beautiful places of the Vladimir land in the company of famous artists. To join them, you will visit the mysterious Alexandrova Sloboda, storing energy grim oprichnina capital and vanished without a trace secret library of Ivan the Terrible; You see striking in its perfection the white-stone monuments of Vladimir; physically feel the "slowing down" time in a fantastic fast-flowing Suzdal; You feel children on the romantic ruins of the beautiful manor Khrapovitsky in Meshchersky forests; Gus-Crystal surprised heritage glass industrialist  Maltsov and patrons, who worked his power with the glass eye to the laws of beauty and harmony; bring the bow of Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom in the epics on the banks of the Oka beauty.

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Festival of water torch

In this magical evening, thousands of people will gather at the beach on the river Klyazma, where with romantic melodies lanterns fill the water surface innermost desires, which will surely come to pass!
For guests, festival provides the concert program with fire show, dancing and fireworks.

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National Festival of the historical reconstruction "Defense Vladimir Earth. 1238 "

The festival - reconstruction takes place in the first decade of February. This event is dedicated to the defense of the city of Vladimir on the raid of the Mongol-Tatar yoke, led by Batu Khan. The festival on historical fencing tournament, the competition suit, the performance of folk groups, fair historical goods and crafts, master-classes. The climax of the program will be a historical reconstruction defense of the city of Vladimir by the Tatar-Mongols in 1238.

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Tourist recreation "Ladoga"
Tourism and entertainment complex located in one of the elite and the green areas of the city of Vladimir on the bank of the Klyazma River. Regarding the historical center of Vladimir complex is located 10 minutes away, close to public transport, which makes it attractive for all guests traveling on the Golden Ring of Russia. The hotel complex for 100 people, guest houses, 18 banquet rooms, 4 bath complex, secured territory and parking, all for picnic and fishing.

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