Entertainments in Tver

Lake Seliger

Seliger - one of Russia's major lakes. Its area - about 260 km2, including under the islands - 38 km2. The lake stretches for 66 km from north to south and 37 km from west to east. The whole coastline is more than 500 km. The name of the lake was from the first inhabitants of this land - the ancient Finns. Translated from Finnish Seliger interpreted as "lake in the portage," "clear lake", "cut up the lake."

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Today we know that Seliger was formed about 20 thousand years ago, when the ancient preglacial river valleys were full of water tayavshego glacier. Lakes form a very unusual and bizarre. According D.N. Anuchin, Seliger has 24 reaches and lakes, connected by a short straits - mezhtokami and long straits - rivers.

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Staritsa cave

Staritsa caves stretch along both banks of the Volga. They attract the attention of many tourists and lovers of extreme tourism. Staritsa caves or Staritsa catacombs, are the natural formation underground, which has a length of 30 km. Karst caves are decorated with colorful drips and calcite crystals. Their walls from waste stone block the old moves, forming numerous rooms and corridors.

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Museum of horrors

The history of the Tver horror museum is very simple. The museum was created in 1998 as part of the psychological training for the individual correction. Tours are conducted by professional psychologists, and during which people overcome the basic fears and prejudices. But because of the unusual exhibits of the museum he was accused of doing sin by Russian Orthodox Church in Tver, and then with the support of the Committee of Culture of Tver it was closed. As it turned out, during its existence, the museum managed to become popular, and there were many people who supported. After a 5-year struggle, the museum was re-opened in 2007 in another room and again awaits visitors.

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Goat Museum

Goat museum still quite young museum, it opened in the fall of 2008. In Tver is an animal deserved respect - in fact in the XIII century, it began production of goat skins. And up to the XVIII century, Tver was the largest and practically the only Russian supplier of products from goat skins. The museum held an interactive program. Guests are greeted by the hostess - Goat. To get into the kingdom of Goat have to wear a bandanna on the head with horns and ears and on the neck to hang the goat bell. Guests will learn why tverityan called "Tver goats", about the features of the nature of the animal, about beliefs and celebrations associated with it. And Goat prepare meal - goat's milk and gingerbread-Roe.

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