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Virtually all the year around it is possible to hunt and fish anywhere in the region. Vast waters of the region have always lured fans of fishing here. The Oka, Pronya, Ranova, Pra rivers as well as numerous lakes and storage ponds create favorable conditions for sports and amateur fishing. Pike, chub (asp), perch, sazan, bream, cat-fish, crucian and other fishes. Sterlet abounds in the Oka. The best season for fishing is spring and fall. Main species of birds are allowed for hunting: water/moor fowl, quail, dove; also deer, doe, hare, fox, marten, wolf. Hunting tours can be arranged for citizens of Russia and foreign nationals. So-called Russian hunting is very popular — a pack of greyhounds is used to bait fowl. The most interesting location for tourists is the Pra river which connects a network of lakes in the lowland of Meschery.

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National Park

The National Park was created in 1993 with the purpose of protection and revival of unique natural complexes as well as natural and historical monuments. The National Park is always ready to welcome guest: locals and tourists can have a good time on the banks of the Pra river and Klepikovskiy Lakes, go picking berries and mushrooms in forest glades, hike and ride bikes, travel by canoe and go skiing. About five thousand visitors come here every year. The most popular tourist routes are: Klepikovskiye Lakes water route, Klepiki-Brykin Bor water route, Paustovskiy’s Path hiking route. The ‘Window to Nature’ environment path will unveil the magnificent world of typical species of Meschera. All of the routes have tourist stations. There are 8 natural monuments in the park, 8 reserves, 5 architecture monuments, over 100 archeological monuments. Ryazan travel companies are ready to welcome tourists to those routes.

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The international blacksmith festival «The secrets of medieval blacksmiths»

Peter I «The Great» admitted to facilitate the ironworks in the Istye village, one of the oldest in Russia. There are still blast furnaces here, and the only existing melting furnace of the XVIII century in Europe. The program of the festival includes master class of the practicing smiths, representing different blacksmith schools, playing the ceremony of smith marriage, folk group performances, and a remarkable demonstration of forging the field ore into iron and steelwork presentation.

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Military- historical festival «Trumpet, calling to arms»

The festival is dedicated to the heroic defense of Old Ryazan against the hordes of Batu Khan. More than seven centuries ago in 1237 from 16 to 21 December the citizens of Ryazan have bounded together and stood united against the might of the horde. They stood for more than their own lives, but for lives of the entire nation, valiantly protecting their motherland.
Every year in December, the descendants of those heroes gather in Ryazan Kremlin to honor the memory and heroic deeds of their ancestors. Among participants there are military-historical clubs, which work on re-creation combat techniques, stylistic features of battle, costumes, weapons and armor of warriors. The visitors will be able to witness memorable battle re-enactments, take lessons in combat techniques, talk about guns, gear, clothes of soldiers. The celebration is filled with traditional Russian games and amusements.

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Puppet Theater

The only Ryazan puppet theater is next to Theater square. The audience can see performances with puppets, shadows, etc. There is a puppet museum in the theater where puppets are exhibited which performed in different shows. Children from Ryazan kindergartens and elementary schools like to visit this theater very much. Every winter there are New Year shows for kids, and during public holidays there are exhibitions of manufactured goods for the townspeople.

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