Entertainments in Belgorod

Belgorod – is the city with a rich culture  The city government is closely monitoring entertainments and cultural programs to be consistent with decency and moral standards. But this does not mean that you can’t have fun in Belgorod. dE5os6ODAkI IC1Y_kVV1nM Mo3T0KtFHtI W1e476b-WKI

Horse-riding school

Horse-riding school is located in the territory of more than 6 hectares, near the town center. It is a division of the Belgorod State University, and is engaged in the development of equestrian tourism, cultural, recreational, rehabilitation and social adaptation of children with disabilities.

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Every day school makes excursions where guests can meet with school horses. If you are lucky, you can get on the open day and have free ride on horse. You can also order a photo session, individual or group lessons in horsemanship.

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In the summer, in June, Belgorod region has festival of folk crafts - " Malanya ". Lodges and huts with thatched roofs, woven fences, antique furniture svetelok embroidered with colorful threads towels, stylized folk costumes - this and much more can be seen at the festival.


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Art Festival

Art Festival brings together many areas of the creative life of the city! For one day creative people create quite an interesting and unusual space in the city center.

Here you can plunge into the world of painting, drawing, performance art, music, become a member of the open-air workshops and much more. Everyone is sure to find something new for yourself . In addition, master classes (from graffiti to various kinds of crafts) are part of the art festival, plein air, painting portraits to order, and more.

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In winter in Belgorod parks build huge ice slides and whole towns, where you can drink tea and enjoy traditional Russian cuisine, feel the spirit of a real Russian winter.

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